Some of the most common reasons for drain blockages in London are caused by residents themselves.

Don’t flush non-disposable items

One of the most common reasons for a drain blockage in London is due to a homeowner disposing of an item down the toilet which is not meant to be there. Flushed things which are found by drainage teams when they attend a blockage include nappies, sanitary wear, contraceptives, hand wipes and make up. If people stopped using their toilet like a general waste bin, the number of blockages would be reduced greatly.

Don’t dispose of food scraps down the sink

Many homeowners persist in the practice of scraping flood scraps down the sink. The accumulation of this food waste can eventually cause a blockage under the sink which if difficult to shift. Worse still, some homeowners dispose of liquid fat down the sink, which when cold solidifies and blocks the drainage pipes completely.

Scale build up

In hard water areas like London, lots of problems are caused by scale. Scale is a natural mineral deposit which builds up on the insides of drainage pipes. In the worst cases scale can block a pipe completely, but it is usually found that the scale creates a rough surface on the inside of the drain where other debris gets caught and hence causes a blockage.

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