Clean water and proper waste water disposal systems are prerequisite factors in a domestic setting. The key here is a properly maintained drainage system. Newer structures use PVC pipes, which are unlikely to split or corrode. Owners rarely have to worry about clogged drains or broken pipes. Older homes use clay or iron pipes which are prone to corrosion. Tree roots can also find their way into these pipes and exacerbate the cracks.

Drains in older homes

Many people prefer older homes because of their love for old architecture. However, these come with their problems. And one of these is the state of the old, worn drainage systems. The older the home is, the likelier it is that you might have to make provisions for regular drain maintenance.

The shortcomings of iron pipes

The problem with iron pipes, as are used in most old homes, is that they are prone to corrosion. It is difficult to patch up a corroded pipe and in some cases you might have to replace a section of sewer. You should never put off having your iron drainage pipes inspected if you have a nagging suspicion they may be corroded or scaled.

Clay drains

Your dream home might also have clay drainage pipe. These can crack and break as the years go by. The major culprits here are tree roots. These can find their way through hairline cracks and shatter or clog the drain completely. Most drain cleaning services have snake augurs which can effectively saw through the toughest of tree roots.

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