When to Give Us a Call

There are a number of signs that could tell you that your drains are blocked, and if you notice any of them it is time to call in the professionals.

With a second lockdown upon us, we are spending most of our time at home. While this is of course the safest place for you to be, it may be putting something of a strain on your drains. Many people are not aware of how to best take care of their drains, and this can lead to blockages. Luckily for you, there are a few tell-tale signs for you to look out for! Read on to find out the three biggest signs of a blocked drain, and how, as the experts in blocked drains London clients trust, we can help you get rid of the issue as quickly as possible.

Unpleasant smell

A bad smell coming from a drain is one of the clearest signs that it is blocked. One of the most common causes of a drain blockage is food, and this emits a pretty foul smell the longer it is stuck there! You might catch the smell inside your property or outside by the drain cover. Do not be tempted to just pour some cleaner down the drain and hope that the smell goes away, as you will be failing to address the cause of the problem.

Slow draining water

If you notice that water is taking a long time to drain away, this is yet another sign that your drain could be blocked. If the water is taking a long time to drain away from the sink, toilet, bath, and shower, it is a clear sign that the issue lies with the drain. If you are just noticing slow draining in one or two of these fixtures, it is more likely to be a problem with one of those. If you are not sure though, be sure to give us a call for total peace of mind.

Strange sounds

You can rely on a number of your senses to tell you if there is a problem with your drains. As well as unpleasant smells and slow draining water, a strange gurgling sound can also be a sign that your drains need some attention. This sound is produced by the air that has been trapped in the pipes that is then pushed up through the system. This, particularly when seen in combination with any of the other key signs, should push you to give us a call.

We are here to help

Luckily for you and your drains, we are here to help. We have years of experience when it comes to unblocking drains, and we will arrive at your property as soon as we can to get started. We have got the latest tools and technology at our disposal, so we will quickly be able to identify the site of the blockage and get to work removing it. We use high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical coring machines, which are super effective but cause minimal disruption.

Get in touch

After they have addressed the issue, a member of our team will talk through how to take good care of your drains, helping you to prevent any issues in the future. To arrange a visit to your property, get in touch with a member of our friendly customer service team today.

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