Routine drain maintenance is an important part of facilities management. At times when the drains are not maintained adequately, unnecessary and expensive complication might occur. For instance, a drainage system can get badly broken or blocked. However, if your drains are well maintained, you should not face many issues with blocked or clogged drains.

There are many people who do not consider the importance of regular drain maintenance. In fact, such people only look after their drains when serious problems occur. This can eventually become a costly affair. To ensure this problem does not happen to your drains, hiring professional drain cleaning services for routine maintenance would be a wise move.

Options with drain repairs

A few years ago, when drains became broken, warped or cracked, there was a need to replace the entire pipeline. For this, excavation was required. However, the modern drain cleaning techniques have become much simpler. They are quicker, cheaper and effective as well.

Drains can get cracked due to many different reasons. Heavy traffic and ground movement are some problems that cause drain issues. This happens when things get blocked in the drainage and sewer lines. Once the drainage system develops cracks, roots can easily get into the pipes. This can lead to serious blockages and eventually collapse.

High pressure drain jetting and CCTV surveys are the newest forms of drain cleaning and maintenance procedures. While CCTV surveys are helpful in determining the actual cause of the drain blockage, high pressure drain jetting is an effective procedure to blast off the dirt and debris.

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