Whether you live in a big city like London or out in the countryside, it is still necessary to have wastewater treatment facilities in your area and a sewerage system that works, so that the health of members of the public is not adversely affected.

The environment is of major concern to the government and so there is high regulation nowadays as to ensuring the smooth flow of the drains. The activities of water companies and professional drain maintenance contractors means that the standards set are being met.

The Environment Agency has set out guidelines as to who is responsible for what with regards to drainage and so, if your home or business premises have been flooded with wastewater then it is advisable to speak to the professionals on how to proceed.

Any sewer issues on the street are usually covered by the water company but in and around your property boundaries is something which you may be liable for. This means that in order to solve the problem and remove this foul-smelling wastewater from the building, you may need to call for a trained technician.

The drain repair team will not only sort out the current issue, but will work to stop this from happening again and help to keep the sewer system from flowing as it should.

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