Wessex Water provides the sewerage services and drain maintenance for 2.6 million people in the West region. On a daily basis Wessex Water are required to unblock around 18 sewers, however during the festive season this task is dramatically increased.

Unfortunately many people do not appreciate the damaged that can be caused by disposing of the grease, fat and oil from their Christmas meals inappropriately. The solidifying fat poured down the drain can cause major problems to the sewerage network, causing many more blockages than would normally be experienced.
The head of Wessex Water waste treatment, Nick Stone, stated:

“Blockages seriously affect the performance of sewers designed to remove waste water from homes and businesses, and can result in flooding inside properties causing extensive damage or external flooding that could lead to pollution of watercourses.

“Our advice is to never pour fat, oil or grease down the sink, but instead, carefully dispose of it with your household rubbish.

“Hot fats, which cool quickly and solidify in drains and sewers, along with other disposable items, cause three-quarters of blockages in sewers.

“This is a particular problem at Christmas, when it is estimated that 25 per cent more fat ends up in drains and sewers,”

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