As the nights are drawing in, we are all leaving the salads behind and indulging in some autumnal comfort eating. Everyone loves a roast, but does everyone appreciate the damage to the drains caused by improper disposal of the roast’s fat?

There are many potential causes of damage to your drainage system – defective pipework, tree roots, accidental damage, blocked toilets and general bad housekeeping. Another cause of damage is the major drawback of the much loved Sunday roast.

Grease and fat being poured down the sink or drain is a major cause of blockages in domestic drains.
Over the years, the grease and fat can build up within the domestic drainage system, lining the pipes and in doing so decreasing the internal diameter of the pipe through which the waste is able to flow. Eventually the pipe will block, leading to considerable damage, and much inconvenience.

It is possible to minimise the risk of this occurring, primarily by reducing the quantity of grease and fat entering the drains. One of the ways of doing this is allowing any excess fat from cooking to solidify, so that it can be disposed of in the general refuse. This allows you to enjoy your roast, knowing that your drains will not be compromised as a consequence.

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