Drain cleaning is a service which is designed to keep drainage networks and pipe systems in the best possible condition, free from blockages and flowing nicely.

Using a combination of the best equipment in the industry and leading, innovative techniques, drain cleaning flushes the pipes on a regular basis so as to keep water moving and waste draining. Anything that could create a build-up and blockage over time is flushed away before it can create a problem, thanks to the efficiency of regular drain cleaning and maintenance.

In this blog, we’re sharing some of the do’s and don’ts of drain cleaning in London, so that you not only understand how best to keep your drain in excellent working condition, but what NOT to do when it comes to domestic drain servicing and maintenance.

Ways to Keep Your Drains Clean and Efficient

We’re turning the tables on drain unblocking and the do’s and don’ts of domestic drain maintenance, by first discussing some of the don’ts and habits to avoid.

Keeping your drains clean and efficient is as much about what you don’t flush away as it is about the way you embrace regular cleaning and flushing techniques. For example, if you manually wash your dishes in the kitchen, it’s important to avoid flushing away fat and grease from your cooking utensils. Instead, wipe these away with a paper towel that you can throw away, or catch grease in a sink trap and then dispose of it in your bin.

Similarly, don’t throw/flush sanitary products, nappies, and other personal hygiene products down the toilet, as these can cause blockages that lead to extensive damage and costly unblocking work over time.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of drain maintenance as a preventative measure and a way of ensuring that even a small blockage does not cause undue and expensive damage to your home.

The Importance of Drain Maintenance

This is where the Do’s of drain cleaning and maintenance come in.

If you’re keen to keep your property and its drainage network in the best possible condition, then the best thing you can do is to invest in a regular drain maintenance service. This kind of service will see your drains regularly flushed through using a high-pressure water jet, breaking down, dissolving and forcing any blocked or trapped debris to flush away.

The aim of drain maintenance is to take steps to prevent the build-up of established blockages – acting on a preventative basis rather than trying to cure an established and growing issue.

Finding the Right Drain Cleaning Company 

Most drain cleaning companies will offer an emergency service, dealing with blocked drains and the fallout of a blockage that has burst a pipe or created a leak.

However, the best companies in London and surrounding areas will also offer drain cleaning and maintenance services, with the aim of avoiding an emergency callout and instead giving you control over your drainage network and water system. For more information, reach out to your local company.

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