Blocked drains are a big nuisance and can be very hazardous for society and your health. As drainage pipes are generally situated underground, their cleanliness is taken for granted. Trees, branches, papers and rubbish can clog drains, making them useless. It is very important to maintain the drainage systems as they can lead to future problems.

The CCTV survey is the best way to inspect the problem in your drainage pipes. After the inspection, the drain survey specialists will give you a detailed report on the problems and how they can solve them. The CCTV cameras help in locating the exact location of the clog with the help of a monitor. It is an easy and convenient method. The equipment used to clear the drains depends on the amount of blockage and the intensity of the problem. Here are the techniques used to clean drains.

High pressure water jetting: This technique is used to remove all the waste materials stuck inside the drainage pipes. It helps in cleaning the pipes efficiently resulting in a free flow.

Drain rodding: This drain cleaning process is done using steel rods. Steel rods help in flushing out the blockages from drainage pipes.

Electro-mechanical cleaning: In this process, steel cables with blades are used to cut through the thick debris inside drainage pipes. This process is very effective as your pipes will be left clean and tidy.

These techniques will help you solve all your drainage problems. However, it is important to regularly clean your drain pipes to avoid adverse problems.

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