Due to their size and their location, it is simply not possible to view the inside of many drains in the city of London. However, if you use CCTV survey equipment, this can give you images of the inside of the drainage pipes so the site of a blockage can be found.

CCTV surveys in London can be very beneficial in terms of finding out problems with drainage. As part of a routine maintenance programme or as part of remedial works, a CCTV camera can be inserted into a drain and images can then be viewed by the drainage contractor. The images can be analysed and an appropriate solution to the problem found.

The CCTV survey imagery will give the operator some indication about the condition of the drain. This can then be used to set out an action plan to either perform other drain maintenance activities or to use another system to solve a blockage.

After a CCTV survey things which may be suggested include using coring plant to remove scale from a pipe, installation of a liner to repair a damaged section of drain or excavation of the drain due to drain collapse.

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