Opposition to the proposed ‘super sewer’ in London has prompted Thames Water to think about revising the route of the sewer system.

Public concern about using a site at King’s Stairs Gardens has meant that Thames Water have unveiled new plans to instead alter the course of the sewer slightly and use land at Chambers Wharf in Bermonsey.

If the sewer gets the go-ahead it will cost £3.6bn to construct and will run the 20 miles from west to east London. Currently, at times of heavy rainfall, sewage is directed directly into the River Thames. However, when complete, the ‘super sewer’ will take this excess water away to be treated at local sewage treatment works.

Thames Water head of London tideway Tunnels stated they had just purchased the land at Chambers Wharf, he said:

“I must stress that this does not mean we will definitely use it or that we have discounted King’s Stairs Gardens,

“When Chambers Wharf came up for sale we had to act quickly to ensure we could consider the land in detail as a potential site. It is vital that we keep our options open.

“There is still a lot more work to be done, including further discussions with local communities, before we make any final decisions about the construction sites we need.”

The planning application is due to be submitted in 2012.

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