A new survey which was commissioned by Thames Water has revealed that more than eight out of ten Londoners support the building of the Thames Tunnel.

The Thames Tunnel is Thames Water’s new ‘super sewer’ scheme which is currently undergoing a consultation process. The sewer, when completed, will stop waste overflows discharging waste into the River Thames at times of heavy rainfall and will instead transport the overflowing water to upgraded sewage treatment works.

The independent market research revealed that 43% of respondents totally support the project whereas only 11% showed opposition. The project received the most support in Hounslow and the least in Lewisham.

Other questions people were asked included if residents would swim in the Thames, only one in ten said yes. But over 96% of respondents agreed that the river was an important landmark with just under 80% saying it was a source of pride for the capital.

The Thames Water head of London Tideway Tunnels, Phil Stride, said:

“This poll reveals a welcome, underlying groundswell of popular support for the project right across the capital. There’s a clear consensus that allowing growing levels of untreated sewage into the river that so defines our capital city is unacceptable and must be addressed as soon as possible.

“This does not in any way diminish the legitimate concerns of communities living near to our proposed construction sites. We remain as committed as ever to working with these residents to ensure that potential disruption is kept to a minimum.”

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