Following a series of flash floods which have caused misery for a number of businesses in the local Uckfield area, there have been calls for better drainage to be put in place.

Just this Wednesday, heavy rain caused the overflowing of drains with many shops and pubs in Uckfield already having to close because of the ongoing problems.

The town has suffered from flooding for quite a few years and the council are aware that something now needs to be done about it, although the source of funds for the work is still being sought.

The chairman of Uckfield Town Council, John Carvey, explained:

“There’s so much rain, it builds up, and it just comes down the High Street from both directions like an alpine stream does when the snows are melting.

“It just flows straight over the drains and comes and settles here at the bottom in the middle of the town.

“We need some form of drainage here to take the water away because it can actually happen if the rain is not even as heavy as that.

“In this time and age I don’t know where the money is going to come from.”

Despite money spent by the Environment Agency on flood walls, the drainage system in the town is the source of these latest issues.

When it comes to efficient drainage systems it is always best to speak with the experts who can perform the relevant drain maintenance and repairs to ensure that these kinds of problems do not keep on reoccurring.

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