Thames Water has finally submitted its planning application for the ‘super sewer’ which will pass underneath the city of London.

The planning inspectorate received the 50,000 page application for the Thames Tideway Tunnel at the end of last week.

The scheme, if it is approved, will provide a new super sewer under the city to deal with sewer overflows at times of heavy rainfall. Currently only around 2mm of rain has to fall on the capital before the city’s drains can no longer cope and sewer water is allowed to flow into the River Thames.

The application includes the contentious construction site at Carnworth Road, which was land previously earmarked for regeneration. There were previously 475 riverside homes planned.

There has been much opposition to the building of the tunnel, with various groups urging London Mayor Boris Johnson to further question the water company’s scheme.

Debbie Leach, the chief executive of Thames21, one of the country’s leading waterway charities said recently:

“The Thames has made significant recovery in recent years, but we must have no doubt about the severity of the situation; raw sewage is entering the river at least once a week, threatening not just the many fish, birds and mammals that depend on it, but human health too.

“We cannot afford to delay this desperately-needed action any further.”

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