Thames Water have carried out a comprehensive CCTV survey of a road in south east London after a huge crater appeared in the road surface.

The crater appeared a couple of weeks ago in Stoney Street in Southwark, resulting in a section of the road being cordoned off while investigation works took place.

The sudden appearance of the hole was initially put down to a problem with the sewer running directly beneath the road surface, but after Thames Water investigated they found that their sewer was actually intact. Investigators have now claimed that pest damage and subsidence were the most likely reason.

The hole was filled with cement and concrete so that the surface could then be tarmaced.

A council spokesperson commented after the concrete was laid:

“This will need time to cure,”

“We will be tarmacing the road at 8am tomorrow [Friday] morning, followed by reinstallation of the road markings, and the road should be open by 11am.

“We have signs out advising the public that the concrete is curing.”

Most sudden appearances in roads are put down to sewer collapse, and when this happens it can be problematic for residents and road users. However, due to advances in drainage construction and repair, most damaged drains and sewers can now be repaired without the need for excavation.

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