The residents of Stourbridge are currently facing problems due to flooding in the region of Stourbridge Road. The flooding has caused a large pool of water near the mini traffic island.

According to a local ward councilor, the resurfacing completed in the last week would have eliminated the problem. However, the Worcester County Council feels that the flooding was caused due to the persistent problem of blocked drains. They also said that the new road surface did not cause this problem in the first place.

Howard Martin, Mayor, said that the flooded areas can cause problems to the motorists and residents alike. He also said that the present situation is serious. The Mayor expressed his opinion that the resurfacing work carried out last week would have lead to a permanent solution to the problem. On the contrary, the problem of flooding intensified and has caused water logging across the carriageway.

According to the Mayor the absence of appropriate drain maintenance during the resurfacing project led to this problem. The Mayor will also request that Worcester County Council assesses the situation again. Derek Prodger of Worcester County Council is of the same opinion that the floods were not caused due to resurfacing project. The concerned officials will soon clear the area of the debris.

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