Sewer flooding in the East Riding village of Nafferton will soon become a thing of the past thanks to a huge waste water storage tank which will hold sewage until it can be treated at a nearby sewage treatment works.

Currently at times of heavy rainfall there is the possibility that the sewers in Nafferton won’t be able to cope with the increased amount of waste water they see. As a result, the installation of a holding tank will allow the excess water to be held until it is treated.

The new tank is going to be installed next to the pumping station in the village and will be able to hold 72,000 litres of water. The work is expected to be completed by the end of April and is expected to cost in the region of £180,000.

The project manager for Yorkshire Water, Craig Jakeman said:

“More intense storms resulting from climate change, increased housing developments and the paving over of green spaces are all increasing the amount of surface water entering our sewers.

“This combined with people disposing of inappropriate waste is contributing to an increased risk of sewers flooding homes and properties.”

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