Autumn is a busy time for drain cleaning experts. They normally get a lot more calls at this time of year due to leaf debris blocking garden drains.

If you live in a home which is surrounded by trees or woodland, you’ll probably already know the problems that leaf litter can cause to your drainage system. When the leaves fall from the trees they usually end up being blown around the garden and find their way into the gutters and drain gullies around your home. Because of this it is really important to make sure that you embark on a regimen of home maintenance at this time of year to stop drainage problems before they happen.

Around late autumn you should check your gutters for debris and remove any leaves you find. You should then check all the drain gullies around the home and remove any leaves which are collected here also.

It’s just about impossible to stop any leaves from entering the drainage system, but if you fit drain covers to all your drains, the leaves will not be able to accumulate. And if you make sure your gutters are free from leaves, you should be able to reduce drain blockage incidents significantly.

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