Katie Clarke, a footballer, suffered severe physical injuries after her leg got stuck in a water drain. The incident occurred on Sunday evening when Katie was returning home in the dark.

Katie’s right leg got stuck in a half-broken drain. Her leg slipped inside all the way to the groin. Luckily for her, she was traveling along with her friend. Katie is certain that she would not have been able to get out without her friend’s help and support.

Katie, who plays as a forward for St Albans City Ladies FC suffered a setback due to the injury to her right leg in the form of bruises and bleeding.

The particular damaged drain cover is situated outside Cyril Dumpleton House, which is an elderly home. Katie’s boyfriend reported the incident to the concerned drainage maintenance officials. However, the drains were not fixed until Tuesday.

The drainage cover was fitted on Tuesday morning at 8am. The concerned officials from Herts Highways have assured that such incidents will not occur in the future.

According to a spokesperson from Hertfordshire Highways, the drain cover was repaired at 8am on Tuesday. However, the entire drain cover fitting will be replaced within the next 28 days.

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