When a drainage system has been found to have a problem with scaling, causing blockages and disrupting your work, then you can get drainage specialists to remove the scale for you.

Drainage technicians can locate the relevant section of the pipework and remove the rough edges which can cause these kinds of blockages.

An electro-mechanical descaling machine with a rotating drum and cutting head which can be used to scrape away the deposits from the piping, leaving it scale-free.

When the scale has sufficiently been removed from the walls of the pipe, the remnants can be removed manually or high pressure water jetting can be used to fully clean the pipe.

Through enlisting the help of industry professionals you can be sure that the problem has been tackled at the source with the cause of the problem alleviated so you shouldn’t experience similar problems in the near future.

You can be sure of these services by way of a remarkable six month guarantee on the descaling work carried out. As well as this you may wish to benefit from further checks to ensure that scale is not allowed to reform again on the pipework. This can certainly save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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