Drain maintenance companies don’t just offer drain cleaning and unblocking services. They offer other brilliant services as well.

Manhole lifting

There are many reasons why a number of companies or even domestic customers may need to remove manhole covers. And, due to the wear and tear that these covers get and the infrequency in which they are lifted, they can be stuck fast. In some cases the manhole cover can actually become fused to the frame so can not be lifted at all. Some drainage companies have hydraulic lifting equipment that can easily lift a stubborn manhole cover. And, if it cannot be lifted using hydraulic equipment, they can install a new cover for you and give you a ten year structural guarantee.

Floor surface cleaning

The water jetting machine that the drainage company may commonly use for cleaning drains can also be used to clean surfaces. With water delivered at a pressure of 3000Psi, stubborn marks and builders debris can be removed easily. Water jetting is a great alternative to replacing a floor surface completely. The drainage company will usually carry out a test on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the entire area.

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