One of the most common places to have a waste water drain blockage in the home is in the bathroom. Bathtubs and sinks are used every day and because of this the drainage pipes leading away to the main sewage pipe need to be maintained.

A common problem homeowners face in the bathroom is water not draining from a sink or bath. Bathroom sinks and baths are usually blocked due to an excess of soap scum, hair and bathroom product debris. One of the first things that you can do here is use a plunger to see if the vacuum created is enough to remove the blockage. However, if this doesn’t work a good device to use is a drain snake. This is just a small flexible rodding spring which can be inserted into the plughole and can help to push blocked waste through the drainage pipe.

The best way of stopping drain blockages from happening in a bathroom is to use a plughole strainer. These are simple devices which sit over a plughole and prevent debris entering the drainage system. If you’ve tried the above methods and still have problems, a good idea is to phone a local drainage company in London who’ll only be too happy to help.

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