With all the warm weather the UK has been seeing over the last couple of weeks, drain maintenance companies have seen a rise in the number of calls due to smelly drains. Smelly drains can be a problem during hot weather and are unfortunately indicative of a potential drainage problem.

Smelly drains are usually caused by a damaged sewer pipe and need inspection before the problem worsens. A drain maintenance company can inspect a smelly drain and find the cause of the problem. They can use specialist CCTV survey equipment to look into the drain to locate the issue. Using a camera fitted on the end of a long flexible rod, real-time video footage of the drainage pipe can be seen on an engineer’s computer screen. This will give the drainage company enough information to do a detailed report on the problem and suggest a remedy.

If a smelly drain is caused by a damaged sewer pipe the drainage company may suggest a liner repair. This entails inserting a liner into the pipe which is coated with epoxy resin. When the liner is in place, the epoxy sets and the pipe repair will be complete. What you lose in reduced diameter will be gained in waste flow if you choose to have a liner repair.

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