There are an awful lot of pipes, drains and sewers hidden away from view inside homes and under the ground – so it’s worth bearing in mind that responsibility for their upkeep is in the hands of different organisations and people – including you!


What you’re responsible for?
The pipes, gutters and drains in and around your home, including the drain from your property up to your boundary. If you have a problem with these, you’ll need to call a drainage company – but check your insurance first as you may be covered.


What United Utilities is responsible for?
The big public sewers that take sewage and rainwater run-off to waste water treatment works; the pipes from your property’s boundary that lead into the public sewer; and many of the shared drains where several property’s drain meet together before they join the public sewer. If you suspect that one of these is blocked, please contact United Utilities.


What your local authority is responsible for?
Road gullies; these are small grate-covered openings at the edge of the roads, and are used to drain surface water from the highway. If you’re worried about blockages or smells from these, please call your Council.

Sewers and drains explained


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