Thames Water has said that sewer work on Monument Road in Woking will continue for at least another 10 weeks.

Sewer engineers have been trying to repair a section of sewer in Monument Road since the beginning of April, but due to the tangle of other utility services around the sewer have struggled to complete the job in their allotted time frame. And, in another twist, a further section of 17 metres of damaged pipe has been found, which will need to have a drain liner fitted. This additional work was not expected and will be a difficult job to undertake.

Thames Water have said that they didn’t want to finish their current work and then be called back to the damaged section of pipe at a later date, so whilst the road works were already in place have asked for the necessary time extension.

A spokesperson for Thames Water stated:

“When we discovered the issues with the pipe, we wanted to make sure we fixed them there and then.

“We’ve extended our working hours to 7 days a week to get this issue resolved with as little disruption to residents as possible.

“We understand that this is frustrating for our customers, but the last thing we’d want to do is come back in six months time to dig up the road again. We want to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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