An unadopted estate has finally been granted adoption status by Sefton council after an agreement was put in place to upgrade the sewers and the condition of the pavement and street furniture.

The Satinwood Crescent estate has been unadopted since it was built 12 years ago. However, when work is carried out on a nearby pumping station, United Utilities will take control of the sewer system.
When this happens, Sefton council will adopt the estate.

Councillor Tony Carr has been working at getting the estate adopted since he was elected. He stated:

“The problem was that the sewage system was not up to standard, meaning adoption couldn’t go ahead.

“But after the meeting, it has now been agreed that Sefton Council will carry out the work and Persimmon and Morris Homes will be billed equally for that work. This will happen within the next six weeks.

“Morris Homes have also put aside a budget to improve the condition of the pavement and the street furniture which will be completed before the formal adoption by Sefton Council.”

The news will come as a relief for estate residents who will be glad their sewer systems will be improved and brought up to current standards.

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