A £1.9 million sewer scheme in Penrith by Unitied Utilities got underway last week. Drain construction and drain maintenance engineers fenced off a layby in Sandgate at the start of the works so they can install a new large capacity sewer pipe and construct an underground chamber.

The works are part of significant investment in Penrith’s aging sewers, which when complete should see the sewers being able to cope more efficiently at taking away storm water at times of heavy rainfall, instead of it being directed into local watercourses at emergency discharge locations.

Business around the construction area should be largely unaffected by the works as noise reducing fencing has been installed around the construction site, and an addition drop off point has been created for those people who would normally use the layby.

The works are likely to be completed by the end of May and Untied Utilites are doing their upmost to maintain a good relationship with local businesses and traders.

The co-ordinator on the project, Caroline Brumwell stated:

“With engineering works of this scale, unfortunately there is no choice but to fence off a safe working area.

“Our work is vital to improve the environment in Penrith’s network of underground streams, but we do understand it’s disruptive. We will do everything we can to keep inconvenience to a minimum and get the work done as quickly and safely as we can.”

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