A sewer that frequently causes flooding is to be replaced by a housing contractor in Ilton. Forty new homes are being built by Yarlington Homes at the Penny Mead development, and as part of the plans they have agreed to replace a sewer that has previously overflowed.

Work to replace the sewer has been taking place over the school holidays but the developer is doing everything they can to minimise potential issues the works may have on homeowners.

The PR and Marketing manager of Yarlington Housing stated:

“With all of our developments we have a full consultation process with local people before we begin.

“Though the wet weather didn’t help the situation when the sewer was being replaced, the regular sweeping and cleaning of the pavement meant pedestrians have experienced little, if any, inconvenience.”

When new development take place it is quite common that the sewer that is already in situ will have to be replaced to cope with the extra capacity needed by the new homes. And the best time to replace the sewer is when the development is under construction.

If you have a new home and have problems with flooding from nearby sewer systems, it’s worth getting in touch with the company who built the homes to find out if the nearby sewer system was updated at the same time.

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