A sewer system has been given a clean bill of health after a drainage engineer checked the system when a large hole appeared in a road in Southport.

A resident reported the hole in Cambridge Road in the town last Friday. It was first thought the hole signified a burst water pipe or even worse a sewer collapse. United Utilities were called to investigate the problem, but their drain inspection engineer referred the matter back to the local council’s highway department.

The United Utilities spokesperson stated:

“We have had an engineer on site and there was no evidence that there was anything wrong at all with the sewer system. He referred it back to Sefton Council.”

Sefton council will now make repairs to the road so it can be opened as soon as possible.

There are some occasions when a sewer is the cause of a collapse in the road, but it is not always the case. If you have a problem with sinking in your drive or garden, it’s always worth giving drain maintenance experts a ring to check the drainage system. They will perform a CCTV survey and let you know if the drain is the cause of the problem.

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