Thames Water has finally solved a sewer problem in Tadworth which left raw sewage seeping out of manhole covers onto the road and across footpaths.

The sewer problems started in Preston Lane a couple of weeks ago and recent visits by Thames Water had believed to have solved the problem. But after another incident early last week, Thames Water arrived on Thursday and jetted a 300metre section of drain, which they now hope will put an end to the problem for good.

A spokesperson commented on the recurrent problem before it was rectified last Thursday. She said:

“We thought we had resolved this, but the issue returned yesterday and we have since decided to do a full clean of the sewer pipe, nearly 300m in length, to remove the fat and grease which we believe is causing this blockage.”

“Pouring cooking fat and grease down the drain really causes problems for our sewer pipes.

“It may pour down the sink easy enough, but when it hits the sewer it gets cold and forms hideous ‘fatbergs’ which block the network and causes the waste to back-up like it has done here.”

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