Sewer overflows at Maryport on the Cumbrian coast should see a significant drop in the occasions in which they are used, after United Utilities announced a £5million plan to stop sewage being pumped into the sea at times of heavy rainfall.

Currently during storm conditions, the sewers in the area cannot cope with the amount of rain, so they have to be discharged at sea to stop flooding on land. To stop this problem and help the environment, United Utilities are going to construct a huge underground storage tank in Hutton Place which will hold nearly 6,000 cubic metres of storm water, which will be treated in the usual way when the rain subsides. New pipelines and pumping equipment will also be fitted as part of the investment.

Geraud Ramond, the project manager, stated:

“Overflows are an essential part of any sewer system but by increasing the capacity of our network we can make sure this one is used much less often. It will be excellent news for beach lovers and also the shellfish which live in these lovely coastal waters. The work will help us meet tough new European standards on bathing waters and shellfish habitats.”

The works will start in September after planning approval has been granted.

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