A sewer outlet 1.5 miles out into Morecambe Bay has been blocked by sand, forcing waste water company Untied Utilities to undergo a dramatic sewer unblocking operation.

The sewer outlet was blocked by sand at the end of last year, and since then Untied Utilities have had to release untreated sewage from an alternative pipe on a number of occasions. However, they have now set up a temporary rig a mile out to sea, so engineers can jet away the sand from the blocked sewer outlet.
Overseeing the project is Lee Bryce from Untied Utilities. He stated:

“Specialist diving teams have been standing by for weeks waiting for a good enough break in the weather to mobilise equipment out to sea.

“What we’re hoping for now is a sustained period of calmer seas so that we can get the work done as quickly as possible.

“We need about two clear weeks, but it will take longer if the weather is against us.

“Work would have to be put on hold for safety reasons if the stormy weather returns.”

Underwater drain jetting techniques are being used to remove the sand from the drainage pipe, with divers in attendance to review the progress of the works.

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