A sewer in the centre of Cambridge has collapsed says Anglian Water, meaning that the road will need to be closed while repairs take place.

The sewer, on St. Andrews Street, needs vital repair work after the collapse was found near the Grand Arcade shopping centre. Negotiations are currently taking place between police, fire chiefs and council officials on how to best put diversions in place while the work is carried out.

The problem was noticed after a large depression appeared in the road. The work, which is expected to take two weeks to complete, will commence on the 11th of October. However, this may be put back until the work on a different sewer problem on Mill Road is completed.

“We are sorry for any problems this repair causes and we will do our best to minimise disruption – but it has to be done.

“We will be working all hours available to repair the road.

“It could take at least two weeks but it’s difficult to know what we will find.”

Said Anglian Water spokesperson John Clare.

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