Roadworks are expected again on the A53 at Stockton Brook after a sewer partially collapsed. The road had recently seen a spate of roadworks while gas pipes were replaced.

The road is used by thousands of motorists every year as it is a key route between Stoke-on-Trent and Leek. To minimise disruption, Severn Trent will not commence sewer repairs until next year.
A spokesperson for Severn Trent stated:

“We’re planning to replace a five-metre stretch of partially collapsed sewer.

“We’re hoping to use two-way lights to control traffic, and if all goes according to plan, the work should take two to three weeks to complete.”

If the sewer under the road deteriorates further, it may be necessary to start the work sooner than expected. Because the pipe is over 5 metres below a gas main, large excavation equipment cannot be used and most of the work will have to be done by hand.

The roadwork will affect local businesses. The owner of a local barber shop stated:

“If it’s sewage work then I understand it is something that needs doing, but I’d like Severn Trent to consult with all the residents and businesses first, because we’re the ones who will have to put up with it.”

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