It has recently been reported in the news that a family in Wallington, London have experienced a situation where raw sewage has swamped their back garden for the third time.

On each occasion, heavy rain has caused waste from a covered manhole to pour in to the garden and the water supplier has so far not been able to deal with the problem.

The homeowner, Debbie Rodgers, a mother of three children, has called for a solution to be found for the problem, which first began back in 2008. Thames Water has been unable to solve the issue despite a number of attempts.

A spokesman for the company explained:

“We completed a thorough clean-up of the garden on July 14 and carried out a CCTV survey within the sewer on July 16 to identify any issues that could have contributed to the sewer flooding.

“This footage will be reviewed and we will then take the necessary action.

“In August 2009 the garden flooded after bricks and concrete had been put down the sewer.

“The sewers are only designed to carry human waste, water and toilet tissue. Anything else can cause nasty blockages, and in this particular case, misery for the people who have experienced flooding.”

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