Severn Trent Water has said that it has now repaired a collapsed sewer which had previously led to raw sewage spilling onto local streets.

The waste water company attended the sewer collapse in Welshpool after residents had problems flushing their toilets. The main affected roads were Leighton View and Howell Drive. It took two days for the water company and their contractor to find the problem and clean the homes; it has issued an apology to those affected.

Local councillor Phil Pritchard spoke to BBC Wales about the incident. He commented that some of the affected homes belonged to elderly residents and that children had to walk through raw sewage to get to their local infant school.

Severn Trent issued a statement in which they said that they had been working with drainage contractor Enterprise to repair the collapse. They said:

“The area was cleansed and jetting took place to clear the sewer and locate the collapse,

“Sewer flooding is extremely unpleasant and we would like to apologise to anyone who was affected by this incident,”

The sewer was jetted but needed excavation to repair the damaged section of pipe.

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