The pupils of Heygreen Primary school were in for a surprise when United Utilities waste water network manager, Sammy Nelson, paid them a visit; he brought along his very own sewer monster.

The Sewer monster, which has been featuring on You Tube, is part of the water company’s ongoing campaign to inform people what things should put in the general waste and not down the toilet.

Pupils at the school learnt that things such as cotton buds, nappies and wipes should all be put into the bathroom bin and not be flushed down the toilet.

He stated:

“The children loved seeing the monster and talking about the grisly topic of sewers and toilets, but they had a very clear understanding of what should and should not be flushed away – and hopefully they’ll teach their parents to be just as responsible.”

Blockages caused by putting incorrect items into the drainage system cost United Utilities many thousands of pounds each year to repair. When blocked, the waste can flow onto the pavement or even back-up into the customer’s home. They are currently called to 15,000 public sewer blockages every year.

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