Blocked pipes and faulty drainage systems were one of the major reasons as to why
The North Yorkshire village suffered from floods in 2007.

The residents of Saxton do not want a reminder of 2007 and are waiting eagerly for funds to repair the drains. Saxton residents are confident that the drain repairs will prevent an onset of floods this time around.

The proposed project pertaining to drain repairs will provide an alternate route to the overflowing water. It would instead benefit the residents of Tadcaster.

The concerned residents have appealed to the city council to pass the £60,000 project.
The residents are hoping that other agencies including the parish council will contribute to the outstanding amount of £5,000 for completion of the project.

Saxton has been a regular victim of floods due to the defective drainage system, which further aggravates the problem. This is the main reason why Saxton residents want to provide an alternate route to the overflowing water. The water will then percolate into an open ditch. This restructuring of the drains will certainly help in preventing any damage to life and property.

Earlier in 2007, Saxton had faced heavy flooding, which propelled individuals to vacate their homes. Several automobile drivers also abandoned their vehicles and waded through the deep water. The residents are, thus hoping for a clearance for the drain maintenance proposal.

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