A century old sewer system has been completed renovated thanks to trenchless technology.

The sewers underneath Salisbury had started to show signs if disrepair, which is not surprising considering they were installed over a century ago. The sewer system had a complete inspection last year, when remote controlled CCTV survey equipment was put into the sewer network.

Just under 500m of sewer pipes had to be replaced or repaired, while road closures and traffic management systems were put in place on the city’s roads. If the repairs were not carried out, Alex Aulds from Wessex Water said that there was the distinct possibility of a sewer collapse.

Most of the sewer system was repaired using pipe lining technology, where a resin liner was inserted into the damaged section of pipe and then cured using ultra-violet light. The result was a new pipe within the old pipe and a significant decrease in the time it would have taken if the sewer system would have had to be dug up and replaced.

Work on the sewers began in mid-January and is now complete. Mr Aulds confirmed:

“The sewers now have an expected longevity of 100 years and the work will ensure that any future risk of collapse or damage is significantly reduced,”

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