A busy road in the centre of Southport is undergoing sewer repairs after the road collapsed last week leaving a gaping hole in the carriageway.

London Street is currently undergoing repairs, which started on Monday, to fix a drain that leaked, causing subsoil under the road to be washed away. The six foot deep hole was noticed by a local MOT depot last Wednesday at around 12pm, it is apparently not the first time the road has had problems of this sort in the last year.

Following a two day assessment of the road that took place last week, United Utilities decided that work would take approximately a week to complete. Work started on Monday, a United Utilities spokesperson stated:

“We have reached the damaged section of sewer, assessed the damage and we are starting repairs today [Monday].

“We expect the work will take a week and we should have the road reopened by next Monday morning.”

The owner of a nearby garage has been badly affected by the damage to the road as vehicles can no longer enter his premises.

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