A road in Buckingham has had to be closed to traffic after a section collapsed, leaving a large hole in the road.

Market Hill was closed near the Old Gaol on Monday after the sewer underneath the road collapsed. Upon investigation by the local water company, it was found that the most likely cause of the collapse was a gas main that had been resting on the surface of the sewer pipe, and over time the weight had caused cracks in the pipe to appear and hence the eventual collapse of the pipe.

Work on the sewer was undertaken quickly, with drain maintenance teams reinforcing the section that had collapsed, however the road is expected to be closed to traffic until Friday.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water who is carrying out the repairs stated:

“We are sorry for any inconvenience but had to act quickly in order to prevent sewer flooding and any further damage.

“It was also important to close the road to ensure the safety of our workforce and to speed up repairs.

“These have now been completed and we currently reinstating the road, which will re-open by Friday.”

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