Julia Goldsworthy, an MP from Falmouth and Camborne, has verbally abetted and welcomed the action that is being taken by Cornwall Council for drain maintenance in Hayle. Due to the flooding in the center of Hayle, Goldsworthy wrote a letter to the council after attending a residents meeting in August which discussed the issue of flooding and drain maintenance.

The residents of Hayle stated their concerns about constant flooding that took place outside Atlantic Motors in Hayle. They have cause to believe that this flood is owing to blockages in the underground drainage system and lack of drain maintenance. However, home drain maintenance should also be the responsibility of residents living in the area.

Cornwall Council announced this week that a comprehensive regime of drain maintenance would begin and that they have effectively carried out drain cleaning. In addition to cleaning the drains, drain maintenance would be made a priority every six months.

The Camborne and Falmouth MP said that Hayle had constant problems with flooding and expressed her delight by saying that it was great to see progress on this front. She also expressed her hope for Hayle saying that she expected the actions taken by the council to be sufficient.

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