Residents from Kilburn have been invited to a drop in centre at Horsley Village Hall this afternoon and early evening (Tuesday 12th July), between 4pm and 9pm, to look at Severn Trent’s plans for their new sewage treatment works.

The new works, in Lower Kilburn, will be carried out by the company’s drainage contractor MWH and representatives from both companies will be available to answer any questions posed.

Residents who show an interest in the project and want to visualise what the completed works will be like will have the chance to visit Ripley Sewage Treatment works which use a similar way of processing the waste.
The work will take around two years to complete and will mostly take place within the confines of the Severn Trent site.

The programme manager for Severn Trent stated:

“We want to be a better neighbour. The new treatment process will help accommodate the expanding community as well as help reduce the fly and odour concerns highlighted by some local residents.

“To minimise disruption, we will be leasing an adjacent field for the site set up and to store materials from the old treatment works for reuse. This will keep traffic movements to a minimum and reduce the carbon footprint of the new treatment works. We will also make sure to wash the wheels of our construction vehicles and periodically sweep Tants Meadow to keep the area tidy.

“We will also be widening Tants Meadow between our gate and its junction with Derby Road as well as the junction at Tants Meadow and Derby Road to improve access to the treatment works. To do this safely we will need to temporarily close Tants Meadow. This is expected to be for no more than four weeks.

“We understand that local residents and businesses may have questions and concerns about the work. At the open exhibition we will be on hand to discuss the proposal in more detail and allow visitors the opportunity to provide feedback.”

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