A great number of drain blockages in the city of London are caused by scaled pipes. Pipes become scaled due to excess mineral deposits in hard water areas which attach to the inside of pipes and slow the rate at which waste water flows through drainage system.

Scale can form incredibly quickly, with areas used frequently seeing the most scale growth. These areas include wash basins, kitchen waste pipes and in underground drains. Many people choose to use chemical solutions to combat the problem of a scaled drain, however whilst this can slow scale build up, it rarely gets rid of the scale completely and can damage the integrity of the pipe.

The problem with recurrent scale build up is that rough areas are created in drainage pipes where waste can get stuck and accumulate. This can, over time, cause a drain blockage, which may prove difficult to remove. London drainage companies are equipped with the latest scale removing tools which mechanically remove the scale from the inside of problem pipes. A scale removal tool cuts the scale from the inside of the pipe and then the system can be flushed though removing any residue. This can reduce the chance of further blockages and improve the function of your drains.

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