One of the most common drainage problems in London is drains blocked by solidified fat. Over the years homeowners dispose of fat down their sinks, and after time this fat solidifies. When solid the fat can block drainage pipes and sewer systems completely.

It may seem innocuous to pour cooking oil and fat down the sink, but in doing so you are not only causing a potential problem for the drains that leave your home, you are only compounding the problem for homeowners across the city.

Every year waste water companies spend thousands of pounds trying to educate people on how to dispose of liquid fat properly, as it’s this substance which causes many of the drainage problems seen across the city.

Most blockages caused by congealed fat can be solved quite easily by drainage firms in London. They simply direct a jet of water at high pressure at the clog, which is usually enough to remove the fat from the inside of the drainage pipes. If however the fat deposits are severe, cutters may have to be used to cut through the fat. And in the worst cases, when the sewers are large enough, drainage personnel may have to enter the sewer system and dig the fat away by hand.

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