Waste water companies across the country are highlighting the problems faced by fat blocking homeowner’s drains. Pictures released by Thames Water, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water all show what happens when homeowners unthinkingly pour waste fat down the drain – to devastating effects.

Most sewers that are filled with fat eventually block completely, which occasionally leads to putrid water flowing back though the drains and entering the home.

During the Christmas period around 25% more fat than usual is deposited in the drains and sewers across the country, which is a problem which costs the waste water companies millions of pounds to clear every year.

A spokesperson from Yorkshire Water highlighted the problem in his region, he stated:

‘You just won’t believe what ends up in the sewage system.

‘We’ve even found a Christmas tree down there,’

Scottish Water’s regional community manger concurred, he said:

‘There is a misconception that sewers are vast, cavernous tunnels but in truth the majority are very narrow pipes, of no more than a few inches in diameter.

‘It is very easy for these narrow pipelines to become blocked, causing waste water to back up and spill, spoiling the natural environment.’

In London over 1,000 tonnes of fat are cleared from the sewers every year costing Thames Water around £12m.

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