Redditch residents are worried due to recent drainage problems. The drainage problems and lack of drainage maintenance has led to unnecessary floods in the past. With this in mind, the Redditch residents have been requested to communicate necessary information about blocked drains or pipes.

This move has been implemented to comply with the Governments’ recommendations post the flooding of 2007. Drain maintenance is given more importance in Redditch to prevent any disasters caused by flooding. This is the main reason as to why Redditch did not experience severe floods recently. The concerned officials are in fact taking each and every step to prevent the onset of floods.

Operations Manager, Clive Wilson feels that the residents have an important role to perform in the prevention of floods. By reporting the damage to any pipes or blockages of any kind the concerned authorities will then come up with the necessary steps to solve the problem.

The council has set up a contact centre so the residents can call and report any drain related problem. Brandon Clayton, the local Councillor feels that residents and officials need to work in tandem to prevent flood-related problems.

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