Businesses in Aberdeen are hoping to have a better week, after flooding caused problems due to the torrential rain that fell last Tuesday.

The Satrosphere Science Centre was closed for two days after a drain collapsed and water poured into the premises. One of the managers at Satrosphere stated:

“Most of the building was flooded. We have a central drain that runs down the middle of the building and the water that came down just overwhelmed it.

“We have spent two days cleaning, just trying to get it back into a manageable state. There have been loads of disappointed visitors which we have been very upset about.

“Thankfully, the dinosaurs escaped a secondary extinction as the exhibition itself has not been affected.”

The bad luck was not restricted to Satrosphere. The cellars of many businesses were flooded, including that of The Regent Bridge Bar.

Approximately £1,500 worth of stock was damaged at the premises on Regent Quay, even though most of it was stored at a height four feet off the floor.

Flooding on the Dee River Bridge on the A90 also caused severe delays, with water at a depth of around 2 or 3 inches. The problem was apparently caused by a number of gullies that had become blocked.

We don’t seem to pay much attention to our drainage systems until severe weather occurs or a blockage causes problems. However, we wouldn’t have many of these problems if we paid a little more attention to our drains or had a drain maintenance contract in place. This would mean problems could be fixed before they caused damage or disruption.

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