Living in a hard water area can come with its own inherent problems. It’s not uncommon to find that drainage pipes can build up a layer of this scale if left untreated, and in the worst case scenarios the pipes can become blocked completely.

You may have noticed that water is being carried away more slowly when you pull the plug out of the sink, or you might be the victim of recurrent drain blockages. Both can be put down to scaled pipes.

It’s not too difficult to remove this scale from the pipes, but it’s always a good idea to get a professional firm to descale your pipes for you. London drain cleaners can remove the scale from the drainage pipes which leave your home by using a specialist descaling device.

The descaling machine cuts the scale from the internal diameter of the pipe and restores it to its original dimensions. It also removes any rough edges from the insides of the pipe so that debris will not be able to get stuck and hence the chances of subsequent blockages will be reduced.

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