Failsworth Macedonia Cricket Club’s future seems rather bleak owing to the fact that severe flooding has overburdened the drainage system at its Argyll Park ground and it is in dire need of some drain maintenance.

The club, which is now a decade old, is owned by the Macedonia Reformed Church and relies on fundraisers and monetary grants. The club officials have stated that unless they can fix their drain maintenance problems, the club will be expelled from the North Manchester League.

This is not to say that the club did not do enough to prevent such a situation. It asked Voluntary Action Oldham to come to its financial aid but was turned down. It is now only a matter of time for the Failsworth Macedonia club. The club will be fighting a tooth and nail battle in order to survive.

The secretary, Chris McHugh, said that several of the wettest summers in a row has apparently led their ground to this state and consequently, their drainage systems are in need of maintenance. He also stated that without competent drain maintenance in place, the club will have dire problems.

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